Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doublecross Day 2!

Let first put the crack pipe down...... Exhale..... That's better.

The weather was much better today, and there were a few changes to the course that really increased the flow and made for a much fast race. I was feeling good for the start, and was hoping to make something happen. The whistle blew and I got a good jump. Sitting in 5th for the hole shot, the the pace started getting quicker instantly. My heart rate was under control and I was able to match every surge pedal stroke for pedal stroke. In fact I almost felt like I was just sitting in at times. There was a group of 6 of us in the front now, and we were starting to pull away with a small gap. This lasted for 2 laps and then -- my chain dropped. I tried to flip it, but it did not work. I had to stop. Then everyone in the class appeared to pull away. I started lighting matches to catch the tail end of the group at least. The effort was using a lot of needed energy and I was starting to fade. I lit match after match and slowly started seeing the tail end of the group and then I popped and could not maintain the effort. Not sure where I finished, but it was near the end.

But that was not enough. As part of my short term and long term training plan I jumped into my very first race as an Elite Cyclocross racer! I was real excited but did not expect too much, especially after I just got done racing Masters. the cool thing was the size of the A class for both races each day. They were 20+ deep. this is great news for Michigan Cx, and for Robert and his Tailwind crew. The hole shot was insane! I was somewhere in the middle and then the group just walked away. My legs were hating me at this point, but I was happy that I was able to keep contact with the tail end of the race for the 1st lap. Then from there on, I was racing alone and to see how long I could go before the leaders caught me. This race was painful! My arms hurt, my hands were blistering, and my legs -- well they were all but shot! But I pushed on as hard as I could. And in the final 2 laps, Mike Wissink and Tom Burke finally caught me. So to make a long story short. I didn't do too bad. I finished the race only 1 lap down. When I crossed the line I was more than done and starving! I went straight for the car and sucked down my Recoverite as fast as I could. Then I discovered my daughters box of Tinker Bell Fruit Snacks and crammed 2 bags of those suckers in my mouth! Man what an effort over 2 days. But I really feel this is the way I am going to get stronger and faster. I can smell that Master's podium....Now I want to taste it!

In the other classes. Nolan raced in the C's again and put up a faster effort than the day before! Again, he handled all the obstacles and corners like a pro! And the best part is he really enjoyed racing both days, and can't wait for the next race.

And finally. My favorite racer of the weekend. Jim Gorleck for nailing 2nd place in only his 2nd CX race ever. Now that Jim has found my crack pipe, I hope I can get it back. Way to go Jim!


jbhancock said...

Tinker Bell Fruit snacks - is that the secret?

Congrats to Nolan too - Andrea has a few great pics of him on her website.

TP said...

All Smiles on my end. GREAT RACE WEEKEND for you...CONGRATS!