Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Freaks Come Out at Night! - Munson CX

It is finally starting to happen. My fitness showed signs at Munson that my training plan is working and on track. But more of that in a minute. Lets look into what turned out to be a great night of racing!

For the 2nd year in a row, Robert and his Tailwind gang have used Munson Park as the venue for a night time CX race. And I have to say it is a hit! The attendance both years have increased and folks are truly having a great time. This year was no different. It truly felt like a cyclocross race. It rained almost the entire time. The wind never stopped. And the temps hovered in the mid 40s. The course was about the same as last year. Shorter because of the amount of lighting but still tough none the less. Especially how Robert loves to make full use of the sled hill! There were lots of flat back to back straight aways. Off camber up and down sections on the hill. One set of barriers on the flats and one set of barriers used to create a steep run up on the hill.

Nolan Raced his 3rd race for the series in the Juniors 14 and under and scored another podium with a 3rd place. The best part of his race was watching the 30 plus spectators go nuts screaming and ringing their cow bells as they watched Nolan shoulder his bike like a Pro going over the barriers at the bottom of the hill, and run up the entire length of the hill with his bike on his shoulder! I could not believe what he was doing. And the crowd sounded like we were at a World Cup event. Made me feel very proud and made him feel like a Champ! So thanks to any one who is reading this and was there to see this too.

As for my race. I have been feeling really good, and training has been going well. So going into the race, mentally I knew I would be ready and was banking on a good result and try to nail a top 5 if the chance was given. I lined up at the front to try and get a good position knowing there was a left hand climb 100 yrd into the course. I got a good jump and sat in 3rd position through the first climb and 1/2 way through the course. On the straights, I started to lose contact with the 2 leaders who were riding at a blistering pace. But I was still in a good position with some good sized gaps forming behind me. I told myself to race my race. Dose my efforts and attack with my strengths. Soon in the next few laps. Scott and Dan would catch me. Ride with me for a bit and pass me. I was now sitting in 4th but riding as strong as I was from the start. My biggest issue I had with my race was not being clean through the transitions. The barriers and the hill run up. Granted my technique was smooth and text book overall, but this is where the gaps in front of me were forming. So I know what I need to work on to get better. Going into the last 2 laps. David Johnson (who had an incredible race, and rode out his skin) caught me and passed me on the run up. I could not catch back on to his wheel. Now sitting in 5th I still pushed as hard as I could and realized I had a huge gap over 6th place! I finished my last lap and rolled across the finish line with my first Masters 35+ podium! 5th Place!

Finally getting a podium in Masters is a huge step for me with my confidence for racing at this level. So I hope it is one of many more to come. From here I should only get stronger and faster as my peak fitness should come around Vets Park / Iceman time frame. We will see. There is still a lot of racing in the next few weeks. Curt and I will be driving down to Cincinnati next weekend to race in the UCI3 festival. This will be our first time at the event and we are really looking forward to it. But until then. It is back down in the basement on the trainer!


jbhancock said...

Awesome job - congrats on the podium!

bIgBrAiNoNbRaD said...

Nice job! Hope to see you on many more podiums!

Paynful said...

Nice job STUD!!

TP said...


Congrats, John. I know you have busted your behind to make it happen ;)

Jon said...

While I don't necessarily agree with TP, and not that I disagree with TP, nice job on the race John.

vijit said...

What a nice blog. I found it through google suddenly. I have a blog too but not like this one.