Friday, January 7, 2011

Ready, Set, 2011! Here we go!

New year and new look. Decided to freshen up the ol' blog. So hope it is easier on the eyes.

So after a quick break from racing, and getting through the holidays with some motivation issues to start training again, I am back in full swing! I did not gain the stupid amounts of weight I have in previous years, so I am happy for that. I seem to still be carrying a lot of fitness from CX, and since the MTB calendar was finally released I finished up the final touches to the 2011 training plan. This years Tailwind USAC XC series looks awesome! Many of my favorite races are jam packed in the early season. So this appears to not only suit my training plan but also a lot of my strengths. Time will tell. I will kick my race season off again with the soon to be classic, Barry-Roubaix. And have not decided if I am going to try out Paris-Ancaster or stick to the Yankee Spring TT. Then it will be game on for the USAC XC Series.

My training plan is simple and to the point. Lots of Early Endurance miles (if I have the time) mixed in with some strength/cross training. The tools are all the same as last year. My bike, Powertap, Trainer, and the Time Crunched Training Program. The wife is finally done with school, so I am hoping this means a few more minutes on the bike this year. I would really like to hit the upper limits of the TCTP of 8 hrs instead of the 6 or sometimes lower that I did last year. But this plan works, so I am sticking to my guns.

I will have 2 seasons again. With Cyclocross being the main focus. So as with 2 seasons, I will have 2 sets of goals this year. Goals are few, simple, and to the point. I know what I want to accomplish, so here they are...

MTB Goals --

1. Take top 3 at Brighton Stage Race Overall
2. Break top 3 in at least 1 USAC XC race
3. Finish in top 5 for at least 4 Expert/Cat 1 level MTB races (All series)

Cyclocross Goals --

1. Top 3 overall in Masters 35+ points series
2. Top 3 at CX State Championship
3. Win a CX Race

See you all at the races!!!!