Saturday, January 17, 2009

Base 1

Well after 3 weeks of a transition period, and then most recently 3 more weeks of workout preparation period, I am finally getting back on the bike and starting my base period for 2009. In the past 3 weeks I spent several hours lifting weights and running on the tread mill and outside. I even started to run stairs again last week. I can't believe how much stronger my legs and upper body have become in just 3 weeks! I am definitely on to something with the weight training for improving my power for 2009. One thing I have not mentioned was how much weight I gained from Dec. 7th to Jan. 1st --- 15 lbs! Oh boy I felt like crap. But I am back on track for reaching my race weight of 170 lbs. I started the South Beach Diet Phase 1 on Jan. 5th, and have already lost 6 lbs in the first week. So I will post up my weight loss progress every few weeks or so. But until then. Got to work on my weekly workout plan for next week!