Saturday, August 29, 2015

Crawling out of a hole...

Since May, I have been off the grid so to speak. Hung it up for the less than interesting races that were available, and for the first time in 10 years, just rode my bike to actually have fun. Not plan, no time limits, no thought. Just ride. Ride where and when I want. Ride as much single track as I want. Don't ride at all if I want. And I have to say, it was sweet!

But eventually, the fire in my belly started to burn, and it is almost a raging inferno now! CX is around the corner, so I am finally crawling out of my hole.

So in early August, I entered the race scene again at O2S. One of the best races on the plant! With little fitness and tired legs, I finished out of the top 100. A bit of my goal for the day, but damn I had fun! And actually felt good overall to boot.

With a little more fitness, I tackled the Michigan State Championship XC MTB race at Glacial Hills. Decided to throw my hat in the ring with the Elite/Expert single speeders. Legs seemed to be firing well. And I ended up a solid 3rd at the end of the day. But lots of work is still needed before the kickoff of the CX season at the Alma Grand Prix! Things all seem to be on track. Now time to go back into my hole a little longer. See y'all on Sept. 12th!