Saturday, March 1, 2008

March "Trainer" Madness!

March!!!! We are almost out of this funk called winter. I am getting cabin fever, and am missing riding through the thick lush green vegetation of the single track as the warm sun beats down on me. OK -- Enough day dreaming, lets focus here! Well even though it is cold out side, my February training went very well overall. I put in a total of 317.5 miles all on the trainer. I put in some really tough workouts especially the"Have Mercy" and "Mental Toughness" ones. Toward the middle of the Month, I was starting to feel some fatigue and my performance began to drop, so with some advice from "Coach" Kevin Kahl, to not do my normal workout and switch it up with the Recharge workout for one day, I saved the rest of my month and probably helped my overall performance for the rest of the season. From that day I slowly ramped back up, and by the end of the month I felt smoother and stronger even on my hardest workout days. As for March, I am hoping that the weather will start to break and I will be able to get outside for some of my training days. With that in mind, I plan on doing a more generic and flexible training schedule. The focus will be to keep building base, but also keep the legs fresh going into the Pontiac Lake Time Trial April 13th. In addition, I plan on training 4 days a week instead of 4 days every other week. Also, it does not show in the schedule below, but several of these days (inside or outside) I plan on doing VO2 max efforts by warming up with some intense sprint intervals. I picked up a set of dumbbells so my core strength and upper body workouts have increased as well. Part of this is out of a need for more overall strength, but also because I injured my left shoulder sleeping and it resulted in tendonitis (Long Story)... So I am trying to re-build the strength and flexibility in my shoulder. Overall I will be doing another solid month of training with a week of rest from March 1 to March 9. Then the second week of April, I will have another week of rest just in time to make sure the legs are fresh for the Pontiac Lake TT!!!!! But take a look below to see what I got up my sleeve for March, and let the madness begin!

March 10 Aero Base
March 11 Bending Crankarms
March 13 Aero Base
March 14 Recharge
March 17 Aero Base
March 18 Sprinting Machine
March 20 Aero base
March 21 Recharge
March 24 Aero Base
March 25 Bending Crankarms
March 27 Aero base
March 28 Recharge
March 31 Aero Base
April 1 CTS Time Trial
April 3 Aero Base
April 4 CTS Time Trial
April 7, 8, and 10 (rest week of spinning at HR 120-140)