Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tailwind USAC XC Series Close - Stony Creek XC

Another USAC XC series in the Books, and that can only mean 1 thing. You guessed it! Cyclocross time. As soon as I got home, I washed down the Superfly and put her in the basement until the ICEMAN rolls around. But not so fast. So I had to deal with Stony today. More of the same from the last 3 races. Just can't get the high end going that I need for these races. Granted I am feeling real strong and rested which is good, but it is still hard to line up at a race and not want be 100%! So I survived today. First 2 laps felt kind of sluggish especially on the climbs. Then on the 3rd lap my bike handling skills finally came back and I started to reel back some of the guys that passed me. The forth lap was more of the same. Felt good and strong and then the tops of my quads started to cramp. It was tough on the climbs but the rest of the course I was OK. It came down to a sprint for 7th and 8th. Not sure of the guy's name who was with me, but I was 2nd wheel and ready to pounce. I tired to take the inside on the Right at the last turn, but he cut me off. So Then I attacked on the left, and pulled up along side him, then he squeezed me out the the orange barriers! What the hell! This caused me to miss a few more crucial pedal strokes and lost the sprint by about 4 inches and some .000-something seconds.

HUGE CONGRATS TO SHAWN - What a F-in year! 3rd today and it was good enough to take home 2nd in the series in his first year at the Expert level!

Adam -- WOW! First overall in the series in only his 2nd year at the Expert Level!

Mark Z. -- My team mate. Taking top 3 honors in your first full year of racing is awesome. I am sure it makes you hungry for more! and keep your sites on a 2:15 at Iceman.

Overall I am pleased with my mountain bike results for the year. but now it is time to get focused. At the end of the year I will reflect a little more... but it's go time now.


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