Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fort Custer TT

Not much excitement to report about so I will keep it short. All though this is one of my favorite trails and places to race. It was really nothing more than a way for me to have fun, get in a mini vacation with my family, and test myself on the high end stuff and bike handling before my all out CX training begins. Overall I guess I am happy for not doing any formal training since Ruby. I felt strong on my geared bike and in the single speed race. I did not cramp, and I was not sore the next day. My bike handling sucked in my first race of the day on the geared bike. I think it was a combination of not riding much single track this year other than race day, and not riding in sand a lot when I do ride single track. Pulled it Together a little on the single speed. For my efforts, I got 6th in Expert men 30-39. and snuck in a 7th in the Expert/Elite Single speed class. OK, enough of this mountain bike stuff already..... lets get it on for Cylcocross!!!!

Great job to Mark Z. my teammate for a solid 3rd on a course he had never ridden before.

And great job Shawn again for another podium and strong effort. What a season your having!

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