Monday, December 29, 2008

"The Plan"

Here it is! A quick look at my 2009 training plan. I keep writing about how much I have learned about training this year, and it is exciting to actually put something down in writing with the expectations of achieving some goals by using a "plan". I am using the knowledge I gained from the "Mountain Biker's Training Bible" to set up a plan based on periodization. So unlike last year, where I was winging it in the first 4 months and brought myself to the point of over training by July. I will be following a weekly program that will gradually build my endurance and fitness to a peak, that will focus around a few key races that I have selected throughout the year. Again in 09' I will be training for the Tailwind USAC XC Mountain Bike series in Cat 1, but my main focus will to build up to a few peaks for the Cyclocross Series in the B-class. I have most, if not all my races listed and ranked by priority. And Have established several goals and objectives to help maintain my focus throughout the year.

Last year I got really wrapped up in total miles, but have since learned that focusing on hours with all aspects of working out is more effective and more important in building and maintaining fitness. I terms of my actual workouts in the plan, the biggest difference I am making (at least in the early base and build phases) is the addition of strength training. I did no weight lifting last year in the early months and found myself suffering in the middle of the summer on short steep climbs. I focused on strength a little for the cyclocross series, and found it to be very effective at improving my force and power as the series progressed. Understanding this need for strength will not only make me physically stronger, but will help with my endurance also.

Finally, the only thing I have left to do is schedule weekly workouts. Which I will do on a week by week basis. The beauty of the plan is that although I have it all written down, It is and will remain flexible. Sometimes life gets in the way. So the need to skip, change or eliminate training days or races is bound to happen. And as I am moving up into Cat 1 (expert) in mountain biking, this will be a very challenging and learning year for me. So I will soon know if my plan is right on, or if I am way off. But that is the beauty of it, as I continue to learn more about training and how my body reacts to the stresses, I will become more effective at making the correct changes and will become a stronger racer in the long run.


Todd Shorkey said...

That is one kick azz plan Mr. Osgood! It looks great on paper, and if anyone can make it happen, it is you. I am looking forward to seeing you tear it up in 2009!

SingleTrackMinded said...

Wow, quite the complete plan there Chunky. Are you available for hire?

Brad said...

Nice training plan there Chunky! Don't fall into the trap I did last year though: follow things really well through the first "peak", and then let things get a bit "informal".

I don't see Lumberjack on there though;)

Aryn said...

Like you stated it's not quantity of miles. Stay focused on the quality of your time spent training. The early months of endurance training is a good time to work on nutrition and hydration. Longer races means more calories and fluids you'll have to take in. Use Jan, Feb and March to dial in your intake so come race season you won't be trying to figure it out. A lot of people overlook this.

studlee said...

I'm gonna ride as much as I can and peak every Sunday!!!

cjs said...

Good plan for the 2009 season.

Moving up to the expert class requires two things not mentioned in your plan:

1. Hanging on to the bar tighter!

2. Puking in your mouth 2 or 3 times during an expert race!

I look forward to seeing you at the races!