Monday, December 29, 2008

3000 Miles!

With the final days of 2008 approaching, I finally hit the 3000 mile mark for the year! This was not an original goal for me at the start of 08', but as the months ticked away, I realized that it would be an achievable goal. I have never tracked mileage in the past because I never owned a cycling computer. But after the 2007 season, I put a computer on all of my bikes except for the cyclocross bike and away we went. I figured it would be a good tool for training and for MTB racing. And it has worked out very well. However, as I am learning more about training, my focus will me more toward annual hours and not miles.

All of my miles for 2008 came from several different types of riding -- road, mountain bike, single speed, road bike on the trainer, and cyclocross. As the winter training plan for 2009 begins in the next few days, it is time again to watch the miles tick away....