Sunday, November 8, 2015

1/2 Step Behind

Things in the local race world have been going OK for me this season, but man it hasn't been easy to hold it all together. Life has been crazy, and my time seems to be even more limited than in the past. Hell I haven't even had time to update this silly blog like I normally do. Overall I've still been consistent with top 5 results, so I can't complain. But I seem to have been just a half step behind this year to where I feel I should be in the races. Since Big Bad Wolf, I have been in the hunt for the top step at Brighton CX with a 3rd, Vets Park CX with a 2nd, Grand Rapid CX Day 1 was nipping at a 4th, but took a DNF. and Day 2 I came back with another 3rd.

And then there was the big show. The ICEMAN. Legs never really seemed to open up. and I dangled off the group I needed to be in, or in front of. However, I still managed to take 2nd and missed the top step by 18 seconds.

If anything, I have learned a lot about my fitness, understanding what works for training comparing this year from the last 2 years, and dealing better with life's curve balls. Bottom line, I have to keep asking myself how bad do I really want it. And is it still fun?

I have at least 4 more CX races, left on the calendar for this year. So my focus is to hang on to a top 3 overall in the MBRA CX series, try and take a top 3 at States, and if the opportunity presents itself, try and walk away with at least 1 win. Time will tell, but maybe I can find that last 1/2 step before time runs out.


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I love the name of your blog. Congrats on you stellar finishes. Good luck at state!