Monday, September 28, 2015

Big Bad Wolf CX

I really wish this place would take off as a must do race for everyone on the race scene and pop some bigger attendance numbers. This is a great venue to race at, and has everything you need for a true CX course... But the scene is still trying to find itself a bit, and limping a long. So we will see what the future brings. I just hope Big Bad Wolf stays on the schedule for many years to come.

With that, we are already into the 4 race of the cx season. And things are really heating up. The Masters 35+ has been super tight so far, and as more start finding their legs, the front of the race will begin to swell and get tougher than it is right now. I just hope I can hang on for the ride.

Big Bad Wolf was no different. I finally got a good start off the line and headed between the tape in 3 place. Brad opened up a can of whoop ass! And went full psycho mode. Laying it all out in the first lap. I hung on, as did Brain and Alex. We got to the mini barriers. I decided to to run instead of bunny hop. and could not clip back in. Ugh. Both feel slipped off the pedals and a gap of around 15 seconds opened up. I could not close the gap by myself, and it stayed this way for all but the last 2 laps. The only good news out of all this was, I was able to distance myself pretty good from the rest of the field.

2 laps to go, It was not obvious I was not going to catch the lead group, and silly crash helped seal the deal as well. But I was able to finish 4th, and in the points race, that could make a difference in the long run.

Congrats to B-Rad for pulling off his first CX win of the year, and probably not his last.

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Lisa RS said...

Well, 4th is a nice place to be in! It could be pretty hard to catch up with someone who's in full psycho mode!

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