Monday, December 21, 2015


Well it's a wrap. Another season coming to a close. It's been the most challenging for me thus far. Not from the racing, but from trying to find balance. Learned some things, and I screwed some things up. Through all of it, I now look forward to trying to figure it all out again for next year.

I finished the CX series overall in a good spot. And considering how a lot of folks raised their game this year, to finish in the top 3 in points overall is pretty cool. This is actually my 5th year in a row finishing at least top 3 overall in the points series for Masters 35+. I have to say I'm really happy about that. It has never been easy.

So since Iceman, all I could do was hang on. I took a 4th at Mad Anthony after crashing out of the lead group late in the race. I rebounded with one of my best races of the year the next day at Addison Oaks by taking 3rd. Then it was off to the State Championship race. Mentally I was already out of the game before it even started. I had one of the worst starts in a CX race for me to date. It resulted in me spending half the race working my way past 20+ people. I made it up to 5th place, but never had the kick to take Brain W at the line. So I settled for 6th. As for the last race of the year at Le Frost Cross, I had one of the best races of the year. I was able to go lap for lap at the front and just missed out sprinting for the win. Took 2nd.

Part of me is happy the year is over to put it past me and start fresh, and the other part is still chomping at the bit ready to get it on, knowing I missed out on my opportunities to be just a little bit better. But what I am finding is, its fuel for the fire to try and make 2016 even better!

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