Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Michigan CX State Championship - Bloomer Park

Its coming down to the wire. The CX state championship has already came and went! This is a race that I look forward to every year, but is not always kind to me. And Worst yet, I often don't seem to have enough gas this late to finish it off. But in the past few years, I have been slowly figuring out the recipe to get it right on this one time shot of a day which is the CX State Championship.

This year I was hoping to show better than in past years. With some left over Iceman Fitness, the race moved up a few weeks, and at Bloomer Park - one of my favorite venues. I was confident and ready to go.

In the days leading up the race, Mother Nature was playing all kind of tricks. Rain, Snow, Cold Warm, she threw out everything. This made training difficult at best. And it was sure to leave the course a mess come race day.

And a mess it was. We don't often get muddy races for CX in Michigan and when we do its usually the splashing, and slippery time... But for Bloomer it was thick peanut butter mud. I don't mind racing in the mud, in fact I think I have a little advantage over most guys when it comes to handling my bike in the stuff. But lets face it, I'm not a little dude. So when the peanut butter mud comes out, I sink in it. So knew I was going to be difficult and was up to the task.

It was finally to go, and we were off. I got a good start and settled near 5th behind Andy who already had an enormous lead, Brian W, Simon, and Alex. I inched my way up front to avoid any crashes. By the time the 2nd lap rolled around. We pulled back Andy's lead and were in striking distance of catching him. I was feeling really good and decided, it would be a good time to test some legs and see who was ready to play. I surged and came around Brian. Within a few seconds, caught Andy and passed. Soon after, it was only Simon and myself. We had a sizable lead and just traded pulls for the next few laps. Around the 4th of 5th lap, we could see Tim Saari clawing his way back to us with Todd Greene in tow. Ugh. No matter how hard Simon or I tried to push we could not keep Tim from coming. When he finally caught us, he stood up and put in about 10 hard pedal strokes in one of the few long straights. That was it. Simon and I were fighting for 2nd place!

We battled lap after lap. I would attack in the technical sections and then he would attack in the really thick stuff. With 1 lap to go, I tried to make one last move to pop him in the start/finish straight. I came by quick and soon opened up a small gap. I knew I had to try and stay in front of him in the slow thick muddy section leading up to the barriers and into the 2nd 1/2 of the course. I knew that the first person off the slippery velodrome hill and into the final turns of the race would have the advantage. This was my goal.

As I approached the muddy chute leading up to the barriers, I pedaled my ass off! Legs were burning, as were my lungs. But I was only inching my way forward. I could hear Simon slowly closing the gap I opened up just minutes before. In a matter of 100 yards., we went over the barriers side by side. He clipped in first and now was in front. I tried to get around before the velodrome, but just could not find a clean spot through all the twist and turns or put in any more power to go by him. We both made it off the slippery hill without issues, and I tried to keep the chase close. It was not enough. I watch him ride across the line in 2nd, and I grabbed the last State podium spot for 3rd.

I had a solid smart race, and just got beat by 2 better racers on the day. I was very happy with the result, and what I have been able to accomplish so far this year.

I have to say that Simon rode what might have been one of his best CX races ever. He handle his bike in the mud and technical sections like I have never seen him do before! Great Ride!

Also, I want to congratulate Adam York and an awesome ride and winning his first Elite State Championship. You came a long way son. Very happy for you.

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