Sunday, November 2, 2014

Exit Stage - West

While everyone else in the Michigan Scene is racing in Ohio at the UCI, I decided to stay home and focus more on what is going on next weekend. So in order to do that, what better way to get that last hard race effort before the big show - than do a CX race?

It's been a few years since I have done a kisscross race, so it was the perfect time to make the journey over to the West side, and enjoy some low key grassroots racing at it's best.

The race was at Cascade Park just outside of Grand Rapids. This place was the perfect place to race CX. Rolling hills, woods, sand pits, Pavement, and endless acres of nice grass! I fell in love with the place as soon as I pulled in the drive way. The course was great too. Lots of long power sections in the grass and pavement. A nasty, rooty loose run up in the woods, followed by another grassy run up with a set of barriers. and a second set of barriers in the middle of the course. And in typical kisscross fashion, a small log to bunny hop. All this made for a very hard and fast race, as you had to stay on the gas the entire time, and dismount 3 times per lap! So we got on and off the bike 36 times!!!!

The race went well, and I got out of it exactly what I wanted. I felt awesome, and was able to attack and create gaps when needed, and recover. I stayed on the sharp end of the race for the entire time. I started about 4th place and Soon Shawn Davison and Steve Bartzen Had almost a 20 second gap after the 1st lap. Earl Hillaker and myself began to chase. I soon after made a move to get around Earl and finally rode him off my wheel. Then I was able to pick off Steve, Shawn was all that was left. But he just dangled out in front of me. I was never able to make contact. Near the end of the race, the double run up was slowly taking its toll. By this time Earl had found out how to ride the rooty loose wooded run up and began to eat into my gap. But I had enough at the end and was able to hang onto 2nd place.

Lap times were rock solid, and I felt like I had the extra gears today. Time to rest up a bit more, and prepare for Iceman.

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