Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crazy Busy.... and racing

Man it's been hard to keep up. Work has been crazy busy for me resulting in lots of OT. Including weekends. Not the norm for me. But through it all, I have maintained all my hours on the bike and racing is still going well. With a pair of 4th place results (in some close hard races), I finally did well at Mad Anthony and Was in the hunt for a win in the lead group at Vets park until a hamstring Charlie Horse stopped me dead in my tracks on the run up. But I clawed back to the tailend of the lead group and just finished out of top 3.

This is all good news heading into Iceman and the next few races. I just hope that life around racing slows just a bit, so I can keep better focus.

So for now, I will just hang on for the ride...

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