Saturday, April 4, 2009

FRCC Spring Fling #2

Well, this has been my much needed rest week for Base 3, and I have grown accustom to the 2nd shift hours and actually got 6 hrs of sleep before the race. So with that, it was time for race #2 of the Flying Rhino's Spring Fling Series. And I actually performed at a level I feel I should have. No, I am not a 100% yet, but I can say I am on track with my training schedule. And today was nothing more than a test of my fitness. Or otherwise -- a training day. But I did have good results.

Over the past week, I have either picked up a nagging cold, or have allergies. Sore throat, stuffy nose -- All out miserable. But there was racing to be done. The plan for today was to do the C- race only since we do not carry a USAC road licence to compete in the B-race, and then let loose. Right from the beginning of the race, Brain and I help blow the field apart and put a huge gap into the race in the first lap. There was a OSU rider that eventually won that we rode with, but it was obvious that he would be the strong man of the day. So we found 2 other guys and paced each other throughout the rest of the race. The pace remained high. Somewhere around 20 mph for the entire 30 mins. My heart rate was around 181-186 for most of the race. The 20+ mph head wind out of the North did not help matters either, but it did add to the training aspect of the race. Overall, today's race felt more like a 30 min TT than a road race. With 2 laps to go, Brian and I were still leading and pacing the front guys other than the leader. We tried to make a small attach on the last climb but the other 2 guys held their own. We came up upon the last 1/4 mile. One of the guys made a move and pulled ahead. I tried to bridge the gap but could not real in the last 25 yrds. Then Brian, and the other guy that we were pace lining with all were in a dead heat sprint for 3rd place. At the line with probably less than 1 inch of tire to decide, I got 3rd, Brain got 4th, and 5th went to the other guy. FUN FUN FUN! The race officials actually had to review the finish line video tape to see what position we came in. SWEEEEEET!

The good news is, I am on track with my fitness. I feel 100% better than the last race, and we got a good solid loop in at Pontiac Lake after the race. What a great weekend.
Thanks Curt for letting me steal your pictures again!

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