Sunday, March 29, 2009

FRCC Spring Fling #1

Well, the "bike" racing season finally started, but not on a mountain bike, but rather a road bike. I plan on doing the Flying Rhino Spring Fling Training series in preparation for the kick off of my mountain bike racing campaign starting at Pontiac Lake April 26th. I figured this is a great way to get in some good training hrs/miles at a race pace and atmosphere and to get me off the trainer and out doors! Brian Crook and myself were the only baggers that made it out for the first race. And thankfully mother nature was kind. It was cold and windy, but the sun was shining so overall we could not have asked for any better conditions in March. The plan was to race in the C race (30 mins plus 2 laps) and then the B race (50 mins plus 2 laps). Well I had some incorrect information, and found out that we could not use our MTB licence and we would be able to sit in on the B race but not compete. Well it got really screwed up from there, so I will not bore you with the details. So this is how my day went.

At the start of the C race, I felt like crap. I have recently started 2nd shift, been working OT and got about 4 hrs of sleep the night before. So needless to say it has all caught up to me. But I did manage a few attacks and was able to practice drafting. With the 1/2 hour mark approaching the official pulled us in the last 2 laps, and then we waited it out the start the B race.

At the start of the B race, I was feeling a little better. There was 43 folks in the class and they all could actually handle their bikes unlike the chaos of the C race. This is the first time I can say I have actually been in a "peleton" and it was an awesome experience. We were averaging around 25 MPH for most of the race, and you could just feel the power generating from the group of that many riders that it made pedaling effortless at time. It is really hard to explain in words... As the race went on, I began to feel tired again. Brian put in an attach about 1/2 way in with 3 other riders and stayed away for about 15 mins. That was a good experience for him. 1 to learn to work with other riders in a breakaway. And 2, appreciate the speed and experience of a 40 plus peleton chasing you down. With 2 laps to go I thought I was going to bonk and the legs were feeling dead. 1/2 way through the last lap the main group finally spit me out the back and my day was done. No fireworks for me today, but I did get in some good training. 2 hrs in the saddle and 41 miles of racing! Brian faird much better. Not sure where he actually ended up, but it was somewhere in the middle. Way to go Brian. Great job on your first road race!

We will be back at it again next Saturday for race #2 of 3. And there will be more TSB'ers joining the party! Sounds like the making for a great weekend!!!!!

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