Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stony TT, So it goes something like this...

So -- Back at Stony in less than a month. In that time, I have battled some physical and mental demons and have not felt like I have been on my game. That is the beauty of mountain bike racing. You are constantly learning more about the game and about your self not only each season, but each race. Going into last Sunday, I was feeling better than I have and was looking forward to racing again. I know Stony very well and it was a short course 12.5 miles so the game was on. And as usual to get my moneys worth, I signed up for the geared class and single speed.

This is where the drama begins. All week I was trying to get all my routines and voodoo back together. Shaking rattles, rubbing chicken bones, washing the bike, packing the race box, etc. When I got to the race, I was making sure I was doing the usual routines and also making sure I was well hydrated. So I am out in the parking lot doing hot laps to warm up and I heard my name called over the PA. I sprinted to the starting line to only hear 5,4,3,2,1. I missed my start time. The Tailwind guy at the start was not happy with me and now I was full of adrenaline and nothing to do with it. I had to wait for an open spot so about 5 waves later, I was lining up again. My heart was pumping as I listened to the starter say in 10 secs. Then a Flying Rhino racer tapped me on the shoulder and said "You ain't going any where!" and he pointed at my tire... It was completely flat. I yell I can't go -- I'll be back. Now my Pre-race jitters turned to pre-race stress. My Team mate Brian helped me back to the pit and started prepping for a NASCAR tire change. Thank God he was there because I was shaking from the adrenaline build up and probably would have took about 1/2 hour to change it on my own. So I lined up again for the 3rd time and went off. What is with this place? I have had shit luck and poor performances here over the last 2 years... Well I was off and my heart was in my throat for the first 4 miles. I feel I could have gone faster and felt strong overall. I think the pre-race SNAFU did not help my time, but I did mange to improve over last years time by 32 secs and take 3rd place out of 20.

For my single speed race I was calm and cool at the start. I finished in 58:37 and missed 5th place by 30 secs. I felt good again, but did not want to push myself too hard because of cramping issues over the past few races. So I really treated the Stony TT as a learning/training/ and analysis race. And I and happy to report that I am back on track. The legs felt great all day. Felt great the day after, and I was able to do a training ride and feel great on Tuesday. So with a few more MTB races left, and CX season right around the corner. I am focusing on peaking again and cyclocross specific training. See you all at the Races!

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TP said...

Ahh, the mind is such a vicous slut! Don't sweat it!!!

By the way you looked HOT in those new white shoes and that bad ass skin, hot, hot I'm tellin' you!