Saturday, July 26, 2008

Red Tide at Rudy XC!

Well, it wasn't the ideal bike race this year for Ruby but it is over. The weather completely sucked. It rained for several hours the night before and the humidity was about 1000% the day of. So this is not what you want for a trail that has 2 river crossings and is about 95% clay. But the team came out to play. And lets just start by saying TEAM SANDBAG KICKED ASS! We took 16 podium positions for the day. I guess the home course paid off. 2 notable podium boys I need to give props to because they just flat out nailed it is Team mates Todd Powers for taking his first expert podium position with a 3rd place and Joe Ashly for coming out had striking with a solid 3rd place in sport men 30-34! Guys you rocked, and it was the highlight of my day to see you guys perform so well. Thank both of you very much for helping me keep my spark alive!

As for me, I did manage to take 2nd in my age group but it was a little disappointed because I gave up first to Adam in the last 2 miles. I felt really good all day but just dehydrated (poor race management) and cramped from my junk to my toes in both legs. It took everything I had to just finish the race. But good job Adam for maintaining your pace and taking home the goods.

I am going into the Stony TT tomorrow and plan on racing my geared bike and the Single speed. All I can say is my legs have not felt this good since Bloomer, and if anyone has read my blog in the past you know what I did at Bloomer. So I am really looking forward to this race and more importantly, I am finally looking at going into this race to have some fun! So look out podium the quest continues!!!!

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