Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can The Mind Cause Flat Tires?

Well the Stony Marathon is over. And it was not the best race I had this year. So I wont bore you with all the details. I have had a lot of demons with this race over the past 3 years with health and mechanical issues, so the weeks leading up to it, I wasn't in my best frame of mind for the race. But I don't need to get into everything here... Needless to say, the conditions of the course sucked and I flatted about 5 miles into the race, had a 7 min tire change and caught hell trying to catch back up to the lead group -- which never happened. I finished 6th overall. The good news is, it's over so I will be moving on. I am Getting ready for my yearly MTB out of state vacation! Starting July 3rd. This year my Buds and I will be heading to New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. This could not have happened at a better time for me. Time to get back to my MTB roots and do some soul searching...

But all was not lost at Stony. Many folks close to me and who I find inspiration from did very well and I want to recognize their efforts!

Jeff Socia (Sign Outfitters) 3rd Expert Men 30-39
Ayrn Pongratz (Sign Outfitters) 5th Expert Men 30-39
Adam Naish (Bloomingdale Const.) 2nd Sport Men 30-34
Keith Feldt (Flying Rhinos) 3rd Sport Men 30-34
Mike Riffe (Fraser Bike shop) 4th Sport Men 35-39

Way to go guys! It was a very tough race in very tough conditions and you guys got the job done!


Keith said...

Thanks John.

Aryn Pongratz said...

Hey bro, thanks for the props! Don't sweat your results tho. In a week and a half you'll be back and ready for "Go time!" Have fun on the trip, don't forget clean underwear.