Sunday, January 6, 2008

Podium Finishes Don't "Just Happen"!

Yeah that's right. If you want to sit a top the podium, it just don't happen on it's own. You got to work at it and earn it. For the next few minutes, I am going to let you into lower depths of the Osgood Podium Workshop, where production has already begun. We plan on assembling some of the finest podium positions for 2008. But it is not going to be easy! With increased competition, higher quality standards, and tighter market (race field), now is the time to act if you want to get ahead of the game. So here it is, the tools, plan and location for OPW with unclassified photos from the workshop itself.

For 2008, I want to focus on 3 main areas and I want my training to fall in line within the same concept. So the 3 areas of focus are, balance family life, focus on certain race events or series, improve training practices to become faster and stronger or train for specific events. With that, lets discuss them in more detail.

In 2007 I got a little wrapped up in wanting to race every race. This caused a little strain on the family at times, and I also had no real training plan other than ride my bike as much and as long as I could when I was not racing. This worked OK, but I know I could have been faster. So starting in Jan 08, my plan is to focus on planned training with the family in mind. My goal with this plan is to ride the trainer to specific CTS Train Right and Spinerval videos 3 days a week for 1 hour and do core strength training on the same days. In addition, every other week I plan on running 1/2 hour of stairs to increase exercise time for the month and work different muscle groups off the bike. As I said in previous post, running stairs made a big difference for me in 2007 for the start of MTB racing and again for CX racing in the fall. I feel this approach will give me some good disciplined training and maximize my efforts. At the same time, I am at home, spending about 5 hours a week tops training, and have freed up my weekends for the family. So lets look at a macro level view of training for January.

Every Monday -- CTS Train Right "Mountain Biking" 1 hr, Core strength training

Every other Tuesday -- Run 1/2 hour of stairs at McMorran Arena/ Or rest day

Every Wednesday -- Rest day

Every Thursday -- CTS Train Right "Climbing" 1 hr Core strength training

Every Friday -- CTS Train Right "Time Trial" / Spinerval " The Up Hill Grind" I plan on switching off every other week with these 2 videos because the both are intense and both work different areas. 1hr/45min each. Finish off with core strength training.

Every Saturday -- Rest day

Every Sunday -- Rest day

I will see how this goes. And make adjustments as needed. Furthermore, as I get closer to race day, I plan on adjusting the schedule to better suite specific events. I feel that this focus combined with proper diet will get me to the top of the podium at least a few times this year.


Maverick said...

Nice Lair! The rollers too! I wish I had something that nice to train on! I sit in my 'kitchen' and stare at a computer screen while riding my old nashbar spinner!

Brad said...

Nice hamster cage. Rollers are a hoot, ain't they?