Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bring the Pain!

Well it is a few days until Feburary, and the Podium Quest Workshop is begining to ramp up production. I feel that January went well. I did not miss any days on the bike, but I did miss 1 day of stairs. Also, I decided to incorporate a week of rest after every 4th week for the rest of my training months until race day. But during these off weeks I am still spinning in a light gear at 90 cadence, with my heart rate between 120-140 3 days a week. Gotta stay moving! So after each rest week my plan will be to ramp up a little more each month. Again each training day will include some resistance upper body and core strength time. So this is what I got in store for Feburay....

Feb 4 CTS Cycling for Cadence
Feb 7 Spinerval Aerobic Base
Feb 8 Spinerval Mental Toughness
Feb 11 Spinerval Have Mercy
Feb 12 Spinerval Recharge
Feb 14 Spinerval Aerobic Base
Feb 15 Spinerval Mental Toughness
Feb 18 CTS Cycling for Cadence
Feb 21 Spinerval Aerobic Base
Feb 22 Spinerval Mental Toughness
Feb 25 Spinerval Have Mercy
Feb 26 Spinerval Recharge
Feb 28 Spinerval Aerobic Base
Feb 29 Spinerval Mental Toughness

March 1-9 I will be on a week off. (1hr spins at 90 cadence, easy gear. HR around 120-140.

Wish me luck!


Maverick said...

Dude, you are making me look like a pansy!...oh wait, that happens anyway! Good luck in the training.

Maverick said...

That CTC Cadence video taught me a lesson! I can't wait until next week to do it again!