Thursday, April 2, 2015

Barry Roubaix 2015 - New Direction

After a long winter, and some early aches and pains, and mental struggles through base, it is finally racing season! I have been overly excited waiting for Barry Roubaix to roll around, and be racing as part of KLM / Coldstone.

Going into the race, I wanted nothing more than to be apart of a winning team in the over team competition for this race and to do it with some of my closest cycling brothers and in a KLM kit. Well you boys came through and delivered for me!!! KLM / Coldstone Racing - 2015 Barry Roubaix Overall 34 mile Team Champions!

The entire team performed well and was well represented in almost every class! This is amazing to be apart of something with so many people that share the same passion, and excitement about training, racing, and just riding and having a good time as I do!

As my individual race. I stuck to my plan of staying with Simon Bailey, and working with team mate Todd Green the entire time. I felt great and was able to stick with the leaders the entire race. But in the last corner, I was taken out of the top 5 hunt by a falling rider in another class... total over the bars, on my head going around 20 MPH. This doesn't usually end well. I hurt my wrist pretty bad, and have since been slowly evaluating it and seeing if I avoided a breaking it. Time will tell...

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