Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The year went by quick, and it was a great ride. For the first time, I think I was able to keep it all together and have a consistent season all year in Mountain Biking, Gravel Griders, and or course Cyclocross!

I even smashed my previous best hours and miles for the year with 520 hrs, and 8309 miles. During all this, I learned a lot more about training, recovery, and where my physical limits "might be". Still don't think I have completely found them. The most important thing I learned through all this, is to sit back and relax a little more. And I think it has paid off in the end. This sport really isn't that serious at our level. So its good to know that I am still having fun.

New direction for me next year. Should be another good year on tap, with new challenges. See you at the races!

Thanks to Macomb Bike and Fitness for their continued support with Team Sandbag.

Thanks Mike's Mix for their outstanding support with their world class sports drink and recovery drink mixes! Your products are the best I have ever used, and can't imagine training and racing without them.

And finally, thanks to all my family and racing friends for supporting me through all the long training hours, time away from home, at the races, and listening to my whining when things don't always go right. Especially Jeff and Brad for helping to keep me on track with a solid training plan.

Happy New Year.

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JMAK said...

congratulations on a solid season and see you soon. Good luck on the new squad. Jarod