Saturday, September 7, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year...

Cyclocross is upon us! and what better way than to celebrate than with the Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross! This is fast becoming one of the must do CX races in the state. And what a way to kick off the season than with this race. Its the equivalent of NASCAR starting off with the Daytona 500. This race has it all, and is one of the most beautiful and beast course layouts you can ask for. Add in the shit ton of swag Brain Hancock gather throughout the year, the grassroots feel of a laid back event, top notch competition, and the overall circus that is cyclocross, and you got everything I love about this sport.

I wish my race could have went a bit better. So I will be short as that's how my race was. It started out really good. I was on the front row, with some really big names. Really cool. The whistle blew, and we went out hard!!!!!! I have never went out this hard at a CX race. Even at all the USGP races I have done, nothing was as brutal as this. But, somehow, I found myself sitting in 4th right out of the hole shot... What the hell. I have no business being here, I thought. But I was riding on pure adrenaline at this point. So I pushed. I was beyond the redline now. But I was still hanging with the lead group at about a 1/2 lap. I knew I would not be able to keep this pace up for long. However, I decided to take a peek back to see where we were to the other racers. We had a big gap. When I saw this, I figured I better try to hang on a little longer to try and hold off the pack. Probably not a good move. I could not get into a good groove and keep my HR down. I was beginning to fade. Soon after, Simon, Roger, some dude I don't know, and Alex came up to me. Ray Auger shortly after. Simon and Roger were on a mission. Alex and Ray must have felt sorry for me and let me hang on for bit. I was still feeling strong and in the mix for a top 5. But not feeling real good. When I got the "6 laps to go" sign, I almost shit. There is no way I am going to make it. And now I could see Brad creeping up from behind. I held him off for about 2 laps, but finally he caught me. I told him I popped and had nothing left. he slowly pulled away. We headed into another lap and about 1/2 way through my front tired rolled off the rim, causing my bike to throw me to the ground hard in the process. At this point I was about as far away from the pit as possible. Ugh.... I walked the rest of the lap and got lapped about 4 times by the leaders in the process... Good times. But I finished!

Congrats to JB on putting together another great edition of the Ithaca GP!

Congrats to Joe Seidl for 1st in Cat 3
Jim Goerlich - for top 5 in cat 3
Todd Powers - 6th in cat 3
Brad white - for 1st in the elites, and being a really cool guy!

I can't wait to race again, so getting stoked for Waterford in 2 weeks. Hope I can build a little more fitness and speed before then. Because this year is going to be tough in the Masters 35+!


jbhancock said...

Nice ride today despite the tire issues... Thanks for supporting the Ithaca GP once again!

JMAK said...

Tough break brother. Get that glue flowing and see you in 2 weeks. Thanks for the hug.