Monday, September 23, 2013


CX is in full swing! And what better way to get the fix than a double cross weekend? And what a great weekend it was. Good weather, good friends, good racing in every class, good course design both days... and the highlight of my weekend, watching my daughter compete and complete in her first ever cross race on the "big people" course at the age of 8! She gave it everything she had to complete 2 laps. Running all the hills she couldn't climb and decending like a pro on the steep sketchy down hills. Furthermore, she did it with a smile on her face for the full 30 mins! Not sure she will be bitten by the CX bug like her dad, but at least she knows she has the support and opportunity to challenge herself  in racing if she wants to, or with anything else she does in her life.

As for my results.

Day 1 - I was feeling great! Strong and rested. Had a poor start trying to clip in. And then it got a little confusing as to where all the guys in my class were as the Elites and Masters were all mixed up off the line. I started picking off as my people as possible working my way around anyone I could. Finally, I made contact with Andy Fedewa and we seemed to be evenly matched on the day. We took turns trying to bury each other through the sections we were good at. Toward the end of the race, we had Simon Bailey in our sites, but Todd Greene was getting closer as well. With 2 laps to go, we were now putting distance into Todd again, and suddenly caught Simon coming out of the pit for a bike change. We all finished the lap wheel to wheel. On the last lap, I decided to drill it through the start/finish area one more time to test them both. Andy dropped off the pace. Simon was still in tow. Halfway through the lap, Simon decided to go around. I was fine with this, but knew I had to get back around and be first on the pavement for the finish. I drilled it one more time through the last flat long section before the paved climb around the last section of the course. I held it to the end and sprinted to the line just in front of him for 4th on the day.

Day 2 - Much better start, and a little more relaxed as the lead group of master all settled in with each other. This wouldn't last for long as the pace accelerated as soon as Don Cameron joined the group and everyone knew they had to grab on his wheel, so everyone went. Alex, Brian, Andy, Brad, Simon We were all there. Simon Crashed into the barriers and fell of. Going into the 3 lap, the lead group was whittling down quickly. I was still hanging on but on the limit for sure! Then it happened. pssssss. My rear tire went flat and I had just passed the pit. I was forced to either DNF or run. I ran to just finish. That basically ended my day. Later I found a 1 inch roofing nail embedded in my tire and poking out the side wall...UGH!!!!

Its incredible how many fast guys there are in the Masters 35+ this year. There are at least 10 guys that can win any given day! Its awesome and should be a fun and challenging year.

Congrats to all below. These were some of my favorite results of the weekend;

Brain Wachlarz  on his first Master win!
Andy Fedewa  for 2nd on Day 2 and being in the thick of it both days.
Sven Baumann for taking wins on both days in the elites
Ben Christian for his first podium in Masters.
Mike Seaman for putting the hammer down and taking a win in the Single Speed Class!
Tom Barrett for getting a win on Day 2
Alex Gonzalez for getting his first podium in a CX race!
Sarah Mcintyre on her a win in her race!
Anne Grovert for the win on Day 1!!!
Rebecca Wissman (Miss Tailwind) for jumping back into racing, and taking 2nd in Day 2.


gio nacpil said...

This is one of the sports I've missed when I was young. Thanks for posting!

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BrAdLaKo said...

Motivation for the next run! Keep it roll'n brah!