Monday, November 5, 2012


Its hard to believe how fast the season is going. Iceman 2012 is over, and I feel like I just got out of base one. The Iceman has been a good race for me, and thus I look forward to it every year. This year was a lot of fun, and many laughs were had throughout the weekend with Mark Z, Brad, Ryan K, and Jim G. I only got one thing to say to you guys. Arrr....

When we arrived on Friday, I was feeling great. We did our usual pre-ride and could not believe how fast and firm the trail was. This was looking to be the makings for a special day. The forecast was still calling for mid 30s and not rain or snow for Saturday. Well in typical Iceman fashion, this was not going to be the case. We woke up to Lake effect snow that did not stop until we got to Kalkaska. So thinking it would just stop and make the trail better, it was just the opposite. It was a true Iceman once again. As it snowed hard, and thick heavy flakes left the ground muddy, and slick. But in order to be at the top you got to be able to take on what ever is thrown at you. So this is how it went.

I lost the race to the start line once again, as about 40+ guys were already lining up at 8:30 AM! I was not too worried as I was in wave one again, so I would have a chance for a crack at the title if I rode smart and worked my way to front. At 9:00 AM the gun went off and it was game on. We all rushed down the street at a blistering pace. But my heart rate and breathing were in control. As we made it to the first bottle neck, I was sitting around 20th or so. I didn't even have to hit my brakes this year. I made up a few more spots and finally hit the 2 track. It was fast and frozen. I was going faster than I have ever went in an Iceman before, and closer to the front making my way to the pack that would soon be the difference between 1st, and everyone else.

We hit the first few sections of single track and then with it, the first signs of snow. As we rode farther, the snow was getting deeper, and the ground was getting slick. As we made our way to the new single track sections, it was really slow. Lots of guys were on the brakes, and tires were sliding a bit. The snow was thicker yet. We popped out into the logging area on the 2 track again, and to my surprise, it was like a beach! UGH! the logging trucks rutted the road up and churned up all the sand to make it un-rideable. Each one of these new surprises caused me to get farther and farther away for the lead group. And it was starting to wear my power down as well. By the time I made it to Williamsburg road, I was 1:08 into the race. One of the slowest times at that point to date. From this point on I was still feeling good and buried myself to try and give myself at the top step. My avg speed on the 2nd half was better than the first, and I started to pick off a few folks, and worked with a few other to make up some ground. As I rode into timber ridge I was happy to see that I would beat the 2 hour mark, but was really unsure if I would make the podium at all. The race was tougher than ever and a real surprise! When it was all sorted out. I came away with 2nd place! Very stoked and it was for the 2nd year in a row. And again I lost 1st place to Ross Clark for a 2nd year in a row.

By the way, In case you have'nt heard I had a little podium malfunction before Brad snapped the picture above. So if you want a good laugh, ask around what happen.

Congrats to -

David Moore Jr. - 5th place. First Iceman podium ever! And what a way to cap off a great season.

And there are many many others, that I could go on forever! So if I missed you here or on Facebook, I promise to give you a hug and a hand shake the next time I see you.

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Paynful said...

Nice Job Chucky!! You had a great iceman as always... congrats!!