Monday, October 15, 2012

Lower Huron CX!

Back in October of 2007, I got my first podium in a cyclocross race! I was so stoked. 3rd place in the C class. I started at that press board wooden plaque all the way home. To me that was a defining moment as a CX racer. One that let me know I could finally compete, and that I was learning a new sport that I fell in love with. Not only was I in love with the sport that day, but I was in love with the course. That course was Lower Huron Metro Park. And every year after 2007 I looked forward to racing there. But in the last few years, Lower Huron was left of the schedule, and I was not sure it would every come back. So with the new owners of Tailwind looking to mix the schedule up a bit listened to all the die hard CX fans of old and added Lower Huron back. This was awesome, and as it has been for several years, it was another good day in the saddle for me.

So far for the season everything has been firing on all cylinders. But I was sensing a probably about to rear its ugly head in my fitness. An untimely peak. Thanks to the help of a friend to point out this potential issue, I laid out my options and got my plan back on track. This will come at a price as well. So the price is a dip in fitness to build it all back up again for the rest of the season. Something I have struggled with in the past. So not know how far it would dip, I was happy I was racing again at Lower Huron, and this would still be a great day!

Most of the regular guys were here except for Rodger. At the start I grabbed the hole shot and probably lit a match as well. The lead group was Alex, Andy, Brain and myself. We took several digs early and switched spots several times through the first 3 laps or so. I was feeling like dirt. Right on the edge and could not attack. Barely hanging on, we caught a big group of elite riders. Alex jumped around about 4 of them. And then turned the screws as Brian, Andy and myself got stuck in traffic. Alex sensed this and forced his gap. It stuck for the rest of the race. Soon after, Brain, Andy and Myself were left to fight it out. Andy made the first move and I got dropped. I managed to claw my way back on the long road section. The Brian went as he rode the run up almost every lap. As he got to the top of the paved climb after the run up he would fall apart and I would catch them. Then it was my turn. On the 2 flat sections of the beginning of the course I got a huge gap. This lasted almost 2 laps. Then my non drive pedal got wrapped around a stake and course tap completely stopping me. Andy and Brian caught back up. With 2 laps to go Brain some how recovered and started to make Sharp attacks. On the run up we dropped Andy and Brian and I were left to duke it out for 2nd. He turned himself inside out and I could not hang on. I had to settle for a tough but respectable 3rd.

Great Job -
The timeless Jeff Weinert for 1st in Elite!
Brian Wachlarz - 2nd in Masters 35+! Highest Master's finish to date!
Alex Monte-Sano - 1st in Masters 35+. 1st Michigan Master's win!
Adam McIntyre - 1st in B-men 39-U. And first win in Tailwind!



Nice ride big man!

BrAdLaKo said...

Huff'n and Puff'n - keep laying it down bro!

Surly Bastard said...

Way to hang in there and claw your way back into it! They tried to shake you but they just weren't big enough, were they?

Paynful said...

Nice Job Johnny! See you on the line at Lake Orion! ;)