Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vet"s Park CX - Day 2

Woke up this morning to below freezing temps, and a nice layer of front on the ground. By the time I got to the park, All the water in the ground, combined with the melting frost soon turned the course to mud during the C-race --- YES! So by the time the B's went, and masters were getting ready, the course was muddy and slick. Just what I have been looking for. It was time to put my Dugast Rhinos to the test.

We had a larger field today. All the fast guys were here and again, a few new faces. From the whistle, David Johnson took the hole shot. Then Simon Baliey and Jim Hilditch followed. I got in behind them. We let David go, figuring we could reel him back or he would just pop. This was a big mistake. At the beginning of the 2nd lap, I managed to work my way around Jim and onto Simon's wheel. He signaled for me to take a turn, so I figured it would be a good time to chase David down. I made huge surge, and after the long slick switch back climb, the slippery as hell run up, and then sketchy slick off camber turns through the trees, I quickly realized I rode everyone off my wheel except for Jarod Makowski. I continued to drive hard, and slowly started to cut into David's gap. I was slowly inching my gap longer between Jarod and myself lap after lap. I focused on riding smart and clean, and punched it through all the power sections. the 3rd to last lap, David must of made an attack because his gap suddenly grew out of reach. I tried to accelerate hoping he would tire out, but it was no use. However, this did open up my gap even more onto the rest of the field. By the time the last lap started, I could see a group of 3 riders working together to pull me back. It was Jarod, Simon, and Jim. Simon broke free, and was charging hard! I knew I could not give up my position with such a huge lead and in the last lap. I went "deep to the well" all the way up the run up to keep my lead. I then took some risks through the off camber sections, and sprinted up the final climb. I knew if I still had a good gap up the final climb Simon could not catch me. It worked! I finished with a solid 2nd place and one of the best races I have had all year.

My fitness seems to be right where it should be -- finally! And just in time for Iceman. I will see most of you all next weekend in Traverse City. And good luck to the remaining CX folks going to the UCI3 races in Cincinnati.

Great win today David. And Great job Simon, Jarod, and Jim and 2 podiums for the weekend. Also, great job to Mark Parmelee for a hard fought, smart 2nd place today! it was awesome to watch.

Brad Lako - Thanks for the photo and cheering me on. Your going to get that podium. 3 more shots left!


jbhancock said...

Awesome effort, get ready for Iceman!

Congrats on another strong placing.

Paynful said...

You have been having a great CX season!! See you at Iceman!!