Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tailwind CX Race #4 - Linden Park

One thing I really enjoy about bike racing is the challenge of trying to figure it all out. Wheter its trying to advance through the ranks, Figuring out how to nail a personal best time, figuring out how to balance racing, training, work and family and still try to be competitive, its often the challenge that's most rewarding. When you look at it, it's sometime the race that's within the race that is more fun than the actual race. And when you finally figure how to win it, it's just as rewarding. As a result, there is usually a lesson learned and that usually makes you a better rider in the end.

So this brings me to Linden Park CX. The course was a lot better than last year. THANKS JOE BROWN! The same mix of loose bumpy twisty sections. Lots of grass, and the long road climb. I was not feeling 100% the days leading up to the race, but by the time I got to the park I thought I was feeling better ready to race. My warm up went well, and my confidence was high. We all lined up and and we went. I was 2nd wheel going into the course behind Jim Hilditch. He was setting a good pace but not blistering. However, it was only Simon and myself that latched on. By the time the beginning of the 4th lap started, Dave Johnson and Dan Bannink jumped up with us. This is when it happened. I completely popped! I went from feeling in control, to pedaling squares with lead legs. I tried to stay with the leaders, but was slowly slipping back. A little later, I washed my front tire out in a loose corner and went down. This allowed Dan to slip past me. I was now in 5th and trying to hold on. I never could make contact again with Dan or the leaders and finished the race riding alone. I hung onto 5th and had the dry heaves after the finish. What the hell happen? My lap times took a mean shift of around 20 seconds after lap 3. They were consistent, but the power was gone. As of right now, the 2 most likely reasons was a bonk, or dehydration. And in reality, it's probably a combination of the 2.

So as I mentioned in the beginning, It's time to figure out my challenge and nail down what went wrong. I had a good race, but it could have been better.

Congrats to Simon Bailey for the W. There have been 4 races thus far in the Tailwind series, and 4 different winners in the Masters 35+. What a great series this is going to be!

And great job Jim Hilditch, Dave Johnson, and Dan Bannink. You guys all rocked it and it could a went either way at the end.

Finally, Great job Brad Lako. You were there bro. just a little more!!!

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jbhancock said...

Shaping up to be a VERY good series battle!

Keep on it, you're the crowd favorite.