Monday, July 26, 2010

Is the curse broken?

If any one has ever read my blog, you know that I like to bitch and moan about Stony Creek. Granted I ride there almost more than any other trail, but the big results seem to elude me. Especially when it comes to the Stony TT. Well not this year. I actually put up some respectable times. And to think, I haven't even done any training since the week before the Ruby race. So in short. I took 5th in Expert 30-39 with a 52:58 min lap. By far my best ever time! The only problem I had was trying to stay ahead of Dave M, Tom P, and Shawn S. You guys all rocked. And then after a little rest, I lined up again with the single speed and cranked out another 55 min lap, just missing another 5th place by 3 seconds! So I was very happen with the day, and now feel like I finally got one up on Stony Creek.

So now it is on to cross. This was my official 1st day of training for cross! Now If I can just lose this 15 lbs...

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