Monday, May 25, 2009

Bloomer XC - DNF

I got my first taste of expert racing XC style Sunday at the Tailwind USAC Bloomer XC race. I felt good in the first 2 laps putting up a 31 and 32 min lap. This was off the pace of the top 5. But I was actually in the top 5 group for about 1 lap maybe a little longer. Then I started to fall off the pace a little. Not knowing how my body would responded to the extra lap in expert, I think I was holding back a little. I was feeling good on the climbs and putting in some good power on the flats and actually making up ground at several points in the race. But for what every reason, my bike handling would slow me down in the corners and down hills. Maybe I have been faking it all these years in sport and beginner. Now I have to learn how to ride my bike all over again to compete with the experts.

About 1/2 way through my 3rd lap, I flatted. This killed my morale. I fixed it, but was only able to get about 15-20psi to hold in the tire. And it was the rear tire. This made for trying to go fast through the single track miserable. So I finished up the 3rd and called it quits. My first DNF in my 4 years of racing.

Overall I think the way I felt on the bike was good. This was a "C" race for me again, so I was not totally disappointed with my result. Just another training day. I am now on another much needed rest week heading into the Brighton Stage Race next weekend. Furthermore, this week will complete Build 2 and the week after the Brighton race will throw me into my peak! With the extra rest this week I am hoping to put in a good effort for all 3 legs of the Brighton Stage race and get some respectable results. Then during my peak and race weeks which will include Ruby XC and the Stony XC Marathon, I am hoping the results of my 22 weeks of periodization training thus far will kick in and then it will be -- game on!

Great job by my team mates. TSB had 4 racers all racing expert. TP and Coach way to finish strong. And way to go Brian for bringing home another podium spot!

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