Monday, February 9, 2009

Base 2

Well I am into my final week of Base 1 with a recovery week of light training for only 4 hrs. Last week was my largest volume with 8 hrs. So far training has went very well. I am happy I started a whole weight training program this year, as it is already paying off in terms of More overall strength. In fact my joints (mainly knees) don't seem to hurt as much as they use too. I have lost 14 lbs so far since starting base 1. I completed all my hours except for 30 mins. in week 2. (family issues.) and the only draw backs I have had is fighting a sinus infection 2 weeks ago, and catching a nasty head cold that put me down but not out this week. I guess it's better to get all the sickness out of my system now, instead of dealing with it in April or May when I am trying to compete.

Base 2 will be more of the same with a little less weight training and more time on the bike. In addition, the weekly hours will slightly increase also. I have been using my Spinerval Aero Base Builder 3 DVD almost exclusively, so I plan on doing more the same for Base 2. My rides have averaged around 70 mins and maxed out at 90 mins. So I plan on nailing a few in the 120 min range in Base 2. I just hope I can do it outside. We will see.


Aryn Pongratz said...

Keep it up the hard work Chunk. I know 120 minutes on a trainer doesn't sound like fun but it's those rides that will pay off big time come race time.

Brad said...

You'll be a force to be reckoned with next season. I agree that 2+ hour basement riding sessions do suck. I've never done the "Aero Base" dvd, so for base building, I just pop in a movie (or 2), and spin in zone 2, shifting gears occasionally to change it up.

Oh, and there's no reason you can't ride outdoors now ;) "5-nut hill" rides coming soon... as long as we don't get socked with another massive snowfall.