Sunday, April 13, 2008

PLRA TT, In the Books!

Well, there was a lot of bitching about whether or not to have this race, and to be honest, I had my own doubts right up until the time I went off. All I can say is the trail was awesome! And I am glad I did it. As planned, I raced Sport 30-34 and then again Sport/beg Single speed. My first race was in the geared class and it was cold as hell in the start house. There was still some snow on the ground and huge flakes were still falling. The trail itself was greasy for about 60-70%, but very rideable. My goal was to stay on my bike and push when I could. I finished with a time of 51 mins. and some change. Not my fastest time ever on this trail, but it was good enough for 2nd place. As I started my second race, I was feeling good. Even though it was still very cold. I went out fast and was very surprised that the trail was very dry in some places that I scrubbed speed in earlier. So it was on. I Knew that I did not put up the best time possible with all my gears, so I tried to turn it up a notch. Things were going well and the trail was getting dryer and I was getting faster! With about 3 miles to go, my legs were starting to feel all the punishment from earlier but I was able to dig deep. As I looked at my computer with about 1 mile to go, I realized that I would have a chance to go under 50 mins. So I pushed and pushed and pushed. With the last big climb of the day in front of me, I could hear all my TSB teammates cheering me on at the top of the hill! This helped a lot and was able to work through that last little bit of pain. With only a fast down hill and flat grass section ahead of me, it was on... Me and the Clock. Sprinting for the finish, I did it! 49 mins and 48 secs. I just beat my geared class time from earlier by a min. with the single speed. And it notched me another 2nd place for the day. Nolan kicked off his racing season also, by finishing 2nd in the kids race. Way to go Buddy! Look for Nolan later this year as he races in the Stony Creek TT in the big people race. I can't wait for that one. BTW, he is only 6yrs old.

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