Sunday, April 6, 2008

April, the Count Down Begins

Well, I pushed out 245 miles of training and some of which was outside. Overall, I stuck to my training plan, but like I said -- "it was flexible" knowing that the weather would be changing. So it worked out well. The miles appear to be down compared to my output from March, but it was actually by design. 2 of the Spinerval workout I was doing "Bending Crankarms" and the "Sprinting Machine", were based on strength training and were about 40-50% off the bike. On these training days, I would be doing Isometric squats and holding the squat position up to 1 min for 3 sets. Ouch! the first time I did the Bending Crankarm workout I toasted my legs and could not ride for a full 2 days. The next time however, I was able to complete the full workout and felt great the day after. So I know my strength has improved. I also, decided to bump up my rest week because I decided to try out road racing April 5th for the first time. I was The Flying Rhino's Spring Fling Race #2. What a great series and racing. It is held at Waterford Hills race track. I ended up taking 9th place over all in the C-race. And Pulled the Peloton around the track for 37 mins. Live and learn. I also had some "cabling issues" from my "Camera Man" that resulted in tie warps around my derailleur cable and tight against my frame keeping me from shifting my gears toward the end of the race. So I was pushing my 52x12 for the last 2 miles and could not give anything for the final sprint. You see I was running the helmet cam off my bike and the Camera Man didn't check his work.... Again, live and learn.

With less than a week to go before the Pontiac Lake TT, I am feeling strong and ready to rock. It looks like rain every day this week, but Pontiac Lake is a forgiving trail so it should be OK. I will be racing my geared bike and the single speed so it should be fun. Check back for a full race report and hopefully some pictures too.

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Aryn Pongratz said...

Chunk - Are you racing Sport and then Beginner SS or Expert and Sport SS? I am just trying to figure out how you are going to race Geared and SS......I thought Beginner SS went off before Sport????