Monday, May 19, 2014

Yankee Springs TT

This is the 25th year that the Yankee Springs TT has taken place. But this years event didn't end up as the season opener as it usually does. With all the snow and cold temps in early April, the date got pushed back to May. But in the end, the race happened and as usual, the fast flowing single track of Yankee Springs did not disappoint! This is one of the best overall trails in the state in my opinion, and even if I only come here to dabble in the only single speed race I will do for the year, it's always worth it. And just like the past 5 or so years, I was slow, but I wasn't fast either.

My race started off good. Felt fast and strong. Picking off geared and single speed racers one by one. Half way through Scott Simpson joined me. He was racing the geared class, but I knew this was a wheel I needed to grab. Scott can carve single track like a hot knife through butter. I was able to stay with Scott for the majority of race, and we traded pulls. Ultimately he pulled away at the very end, and by this time, a few other single speeders passed me, so I knew I was off the podium.

In the end, I was feeling really good. The way I was expecting. But obviously, several things stacked up not in my favor and produced a mediocre result. I won't bore you with all the excuses why. I took home 7th place in one of the fastest overall class of the days. So I can build upon that.

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