Monday, October 21, 2013

That didn't go so well...

Its hard to believe we are basically halfway through the local CX season. It feels like its just started. Maybe it has something to do with mixed bag of results I have had thus far. So going into Mad Anthony, I was hoping to start firing on all cylinders again. When I got up, I was feeling good and as I left my driveway, it started pissing rain. This was going to be fun I thought, and was hoping to pick up a better place than 4th. So leading up to the race, I was excited to be racing at Historic Fort Wayne again, and was looking forward to Tailwind putting a twist on some improved course design. Plus, how many people can say that they race cyclocross in an mid 1800's decommissioned US Army fort, which is also a National Historic land mark! Very cool!

I got a good warm up in checked out all the new twist and turns, and was ready to go. I was disappointed that there was no paved sections at all... This was going to make it tough, and with the mud, oh yeah, we hard our work cutout for us. From the time the whistle blew, my race was a total disaster. I could not clip in - again! And was swarmed by everyone in Master 35, and 45+. I found my self chasing everyone on a clogged up course. About halfway through I was able to work up somewhere between 5th or 6th. And in a easy, but slick corner, I found myself on the ground. 1,2,3, riders went by me one by one. I lost everything I gain. I tired to surge again. Slowly pulling back one at a time. Then I went down again! It was still the first lap, and I was near the end of field for every class. I put my nose down and tried to grind my way back. The legs were not responded like they should have. I was able to pull past Pete T, Andy F, and a few others. And was within yards of Brian W, and Wade B. And then with 2 laps ago, my legs did not want anything more to do with the effort, and like someone let the air out of my tires, I started going backward. I finished, but finished dead last.

Moving on...

Congrats to Ray Auger on the Win! That was awesome, and you are riding well!

Thanks to Beat the Train Andy for doing everything it takes to get the right people involved to not only make this race keep happening, but making it better!

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BrAdLaKo said...

Well, you got the one "bad" race out of the way. Move on... you'll be fine and killing it in not time.