Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Race too Many?

For the past 2 years, the Michigan CX State Championship race has not be very good for me. Although this year turned out to be better, it by far was not my best showing as I completely blew up on about lap 4 and did everything I could to hang on. So it leads me to ask questions why? Training was going well - I thought. Mentally, although ready for a break was OK - I thought. Who knows? Add it to the list of things to work on for next year.

The race itself was great. Tailwind laid out an awesome course at Addison Oaks, and I hope it returns. Like every CX State Championship race, you gets the guys that come out of the woodwork, or drop down from elites to masters. I originally thought I would see Simon Bailey and Pat Russel. But both stayed up and raced Elites. My hats off to both! But Pete Thompson and Steve Boriglio both lined up with us at the start of the masters. It was a small group, but all were fast in their own rights. and everyone wanted a step on the states podium for sure. We took off hard and soon ended up in the very fast and flow course single file. I soon was feeling pressure as I hung onto the back of the group. Legs were feeling heavy, and I could not take in enough oxygen to make any type of attack. But somehow I was still hanging on. Around the 4th lap, Alex Crashed and we all got bottle necked. Steve got around first and made a surge. Pete and Jarod jumped on as well. Andy and myself followed but were gaped off. This was the beginning of the end for me. As I started to fade.

Not all was lost. I was able to hang onto the last podium spot for 5th in the race. And this was good enough for 3rd in Masters 35-39 State Championship title. Also, I was able to keep the 3rd overall spot in the series. I was hoping for so much more, but I had an incredible season overall.

Here are some of my favorite rides from today. Congrats to:

Sven Baumann on another Elite State Title
Kelly Patterson on another Elite State Title
Alex Monte-Sano on 1st overall in the series for Masters 35+ (tough break today)
Pete Thompson for 1st Masters 40-45
Jarod for riding out our your skin and almost beating Pete at the line
Brad Lako for taking 3rd in B -men 30-39
Jim Goerlich for an outstanding ride! Taking 2nd in states for B -men 30-39!
Don Cameron - another States 1st for masters 45-50
Scott Fabenjanski - for an outstanding season, and 2nd in the states for master 45-50

This list can go on forever. There were some really good rides and results today. And Cheers to all the great overall results as well.

Thanks everyone for cheering, heckling, ringing cowbells, all season long! It always helps. Thanks everyone for letting me use pictures along the way as well. Finally, thanks to my Mom and Dad for spending the time to come out and support me at all the races. It means a lot to me, and love you both!


BrAdLaKo said...

Unbelievable season John. Walk away with knowing you achieved all your goals. If you won every race and all championships.... you'd fade away and be burnt out. Re-group and get ready for another year!

JMAK said...

It's not easy racing a full off road and cyclocross season. You now what to do. Congratulations on the mtb and cx series standings. More love in the coming weeks.

Packers Movers said...

thanks for this it very nice

Paynful said...

You had a great year!! Focus on the positive and regroup for next year... Masters 35 should be a fun group with people moving up!!