Monday, June 11, 2012

Measurement +/-

Cycling is a crazy sport. And even crazier to gauge or measure. Especially when it comes to your individual controls. But not to go off like some kind of engineering nerd that God knows I am not. It's just very interesting to try and figure it all out. What I have found is, the best way to learn in cycling, much like life is to make mistakes. As unfortunate, and the least most favorite method of learning, it often yields better, and more gratifying results when you find success. Its because you get a taste, your so close but not quite, its fuel for the fire, the carrot! Having failure drives you to succeed because you know what it is you want! If it wasn't for gauging and measuring our success, failures, or ourselves in general or within cycling what would we be chasing? If it was easy to have success, would you really want to keep doing it? Even though success means different things to different people. We all desire it.

Well, the end of my first training peak came to bitter end at Ft Custer Revenge TT this past Sunday. Months of training, prepping, making mistakes, ended with 2 mediorce results, as I came down with a nasty head cold the night before. So its back to gauging and measuring. If I look at the plan by 1 race alone, it ended sucky with things that were out of my control - Can't plan viruses. If I look at it the right way, I had a tremendous amount of success with my plan. And thus have had the best mountain bike season to date. So enough with my "trying to reason", I am ready for round 2. I am smarter and stronger than any year before, and have the carrot just in front of me.

Ft Custer Revenge results

Expert Men 30-39 - 6th (1:02)
Elite Expert Single Speed - 4th (1:05)

Congrats to Pete and Brad. Pulling off the double podium! You guys are rocking this year. And Brad its right in front of you!

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Unknown said...

You are doing great this year John!! Different courses suit different riding styles and strenths... you also can't be on at every race!!