Monday, April 23, 2012

Yankee... Check point

Yankee is by far one of the best trails in the state, and its only fitting that it is the season opener for most of us to the mountain bike season. I guess it's kind of like the Daytona 500 to all the NASCAR freaks out there. So with the first race, it's always the check point and first test for everyone. Everyone being friendly but eyeing each other up to see who has it, and who is still trying to put it together. Its a test that means a lot, but at the same time really don't mean much with a long season ahead. But it's still a race none the less, and there has to be a winner, a loser, and everything in between. Thank God the season is finally here! But in short this is where I am at and Yankee was a check point.

Thinking, pondering... things to figure out.... Things going well, and a few on the verge of falling apart. Personal best 1 lap. Personal best 2 laps and overall time on Single speed.... Only good enough for 12th!.... Everyone is on there game it appears for this season... just look at the results. time to focus.

It appears that this is going to be a fun and very interesting year on the mountain biking scene. Maybe one of the best in recent years... Time will tell. There is a lot of work to be done. The PLRA TT is next....

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Paynful said...

Nice Job out there... I am in the same boat. Thought I killed it only to find that so did everyone else!?! Competition level was very high.