Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr. T Starter Kit! - 2011 Bling...

What started out as a bad year of weight gain, work stress, piss poor training, and then racing was turned around in July with a new position, some weight loss, better training, and a renewed focus on racing. Especially with CX in my sights. So as for the year I am very pleased with my results. I try to set some goals every year, to drive me and keep me focused. These are goals that are reachable but always challenging for me. So how did I fare for 2011?

My mountain bike season started out rough. I focused on more endurance miles, which I saw a big return on my endurance for the longer races. But weighing over 190 lbs left me struggling to reach the podium. What made it worse was a string of like 3 or 4 6th place finishes. But again, July came and a lot was lifted off my shoulders. For the last 3 races of the Tailwind Series, I nailed 3 spots on the podium. My morale improved and I was back on track. CX was in full swing now but there was still one more mountain bike race to settle the score. The ICEMAN. And this time it was a USAC sanctioned race, so doing well meant even more to me this year than ever before. I was nailing my training plan, and had one goal in mind. Win the damn thing! I gave it my all and just missed winning by less than a minute. But I set a personal best time on a longer course and came home with 2nd place in my class. My best result to date!

Then came the Cyclocross season. I was stoked. I knew I would be a player somewhere in the Master 35+ class, but where was yet to be seen. I started out the season racing doing the B race at Plaster Creek which is part of the Kisscross series and I took a commanding win. I was surprised that I just beat 40 other guys, but knew this was not a USAC race. That's the one I was hungry for... The following week was the kick off to the Tailwind series, and I came out swinging. I took the Win on the 1st day! I could not believe it. It was my first win since 2008! I was really stoked, and this confidence carried me through the rest of the season. I was a top 3 guy almost every race and finished up the series 3rd overall in points. I missed a state championship medal, but can not complain about my consistency through out the season. In addition, I fared well at the USGP's racing single speed and finished in the top 10 at all but the last race.

So as for my actual goals, here is how I did.

Mountain Bike Goals

1. Finish Top 3 at Brighton Stage Race Overall - Took a DNF.
2. Break top 3 in a USAC XC Race - Did not accomplish in Tailwind, but did at ICEMAN!!!
3. Finish in top 5 at least 4 times in Any Series - I accomplished goal, thanks to ICEMAN.

Cyclocross Goals

1. Top 3 overall in Masters 35+ for Points - Nailed it! 3rd overall!
2. Top 3 at the CX state Championship race - Missed it. Took 4th.
3. Win a USAC CX Masters 35+ race - Nailed it!!!! and took a total of 4 wins counting my single speed races and plaster creek.

I am already looking forward to 2012, and am eager to get back on the bike and push my limits. Goals are being set, and training plans getting dialed in...

Thanks again to everyone who cheered and encouraged me along the way. it is a big help. And look forward to seeing all of you again at the races!



running bleachers is for Rocky, Rocky dont race bikes.

jbhancock said...

You're the crowd favorite...

Get that SS ready for ITHACA!

cjsbike said...

Come up north, we will do some Russian training in the snow!

Rocky ain't got nothing on me!

Great season for a big man!

Merry Christmas!


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