Monday, November 21, 2011

Attack!!!! - The Battle of Bloomer CX

The season may be winding down, but it honestly feels like the Masters 35+ Class is still heating up. As soon as I got to the race, it just felt special for some reason. Sure it was Bloomer. Same song and dance, but everyone was happy, excited about racing, and there were a lot of new people out finally giving this CX thing a try. And for some reason the crowd was really into it for this race as well. Every class that raced, yelling, screaming, laughing! it was great! I felt like I was in my own little Tour de France, as I rounded every corner, ever hill, every straight someone was yelling my name or cheering me along, and they were all loud as hell! it was awesome, and just made me want to go that much harder. I can't thank everyone enough for that! it truly helps when your body is telling you to stop!

So the race. Everyone was ready to win. With only 2 races left, its been on every one's mind. Either "Can I score one more before the season is done?", or "Can I win just one before the season is done?" These were the questions on every one's mind at the start line. You could almost smell it. You could see the twinkle in every one's eye. You could see the drool on their lips. This was going to be an all out old school cyclocross battle in the Masters 35+! Just as Jarod said at Iceman " this is about bragging rights Bitches!"

And it begins. One of the most talented Fields assembled of the year. Simon, Johnson, Makowski, Bannink, Stack, Selle, Frerichs, Hilditch. They all been down this road before, and all know how to get it done. It was nothing short of a battle field. Everyone with strategic plans, and back up plans. As soon as the whistle went the attacks started. First for the hole shot was Johnson. He was successful with this move at Vets park, the chase was immediately on. Simon grabbed his wheel and I followed for 3rd. Over the wood chip pile and into the course. Shortly after I heard a loud crash. I guess Ron Stack's wheel came off. We kept on marching at the front. Johnson kept up a good pace, but started to let up into the 2nd lap. I was ready to cash it in if I had the chance, so at the start finish area - I went! I drilled it. Started to open up the gap a bit. But it did not stick. By lap 4, the group was back together. This time Simon came around and Jarod Followed. David and I stayed back, and the gap grew. By this time Jim Hilditch was still with us and decided to attack and start to bridge the gap. We could see the leaders the entire time just dangling in front of us. With 2 laps to go, I was yo-yoing off the back of David and Jim. I did make contact again, and when I did, I attacked. this time I caused a little hurt, including myself. We were getting closer to the leader and them Simon made his last move. This was enough to for him to drop Jarod and eventually win the race. Jarod then joined us and it was on for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th! I would jump in front, then Jim would make a move and then David would attack again. We were wheel to wheel and stingy about giving up an inch! Up the finally climb behind the velodrome, it was important to be 1st going into the final paved section. David continued to pull ahead, and Jim tired to make a move around me. I went deep into the red. More like the "dark" red to not let him by. I was at the limit for the rest of the race. I was inching my way closer to David, and pulling away from Jim. I tried to sprint for 2nd, but was a few yards too short. So I protected 3rd place instead.

What an amazing race. And congrats to Simon, David, Jim, And Jarod for rounding out the top 5. One more to go boys!

Also, thanks to everyone for partying with me and killing my PBR 30 pack! And great job to JB for taking and finishing a full PBR hand up! JB was also the winner of the Elite prime! Awesome!