Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kisscross CX Season Kick Off Ends with "W"!

I finally did my first Kisscross Cyclocross race today at Plaster Creek, in Grand Rapids. Not really knowing what to expect, other than being grassroots, laid back, and with a heavy focus on beer, I decided to sign up for the B race and then jump in the A race. I have to say, it was a good time, and for how simple the event was put together, it went very well. And on top of that, I had a good day on the bike as well.

The course was suited for my strengths. Long flat sections with sweeping turns. A few climbs, a long cement stair run-up and a set of triple barriers. I lined up with 44 other B racers and soon found myself off the front of the group in the first lap. I continued to build on my lead throughout the 8 laps. I was very happy with how my legs felt lap after lap, and that my heart rate remained in control. So for the first time since 2008, I finally got a "W" in a CX race. Now its not a USAC CX win, that I am so hungry to get, but it is a legitimate win none the less and I will take it!

After the B race, I lined up again in the hot sun for the A race. Right from the jump, I was feeling the fatigue in my legs. However, I still put out a respectable 11 more laps of pain! I got passed by several, but pulled back several others. In the end, I was starting to cramp every time I would go over the barriers. So I ended up 22 out of 36. With a fresh set of leg, I'm sure I could have pulled back a few more spots.

Next weekend is my official CX season kick off with the Tailwind Doublecross CX Day 1 & 2.

I can't wait!


Aryn Pongratz said...

Racing boater! Kidding, I know it's your time of year. Looking forward to all the updates adn writeups. Sucks we never got to race this summer but Brad's my proof I was out there making an effort. I'l do my best to make it to a CX event. The kids enjoy them and I like to tease the racers by eating cider and donuts as they pass. Best time of the year is here!!!1

Mandie said...

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Mandie Hayes

Paynful said...

Nice job Osgood!! What is with the sandbagging in the "B" class stud boy!! jk

Looks like you are one of the first to be put on the move up list for Kisscross!! Congrats!!

Solid effort in the A race!