Monday, February 14, 2011


This Winter has been brutal! I wanted to use the winter time this year to build some good long and slow endurance miles outside, and it just hasn't panned out like I wanted. Well I managed to get in some Sunday rides outside, but only 2 have been the quality I was hoping for. Overall, training has went "OK". I have been sticking with the plan of running more days per week outside (which has been low quality and a pain in the ass with all the snow) and running stairs.

I went through a bout of "training depression" or just lack of motivation which was triggered by a location and schedule change at work. That seems to be back on track, and I just finished my best solid week of training. As my training shifts back to bike specific workouts as the month goes on, I hope the weather continues to improve with it.

It all may just be a case of cabin fever or winter blues. But I am slowly getting back on track, and soon will be going at it with a laser beam focus. With the first few events just over the horizon, I am already getting geeked for the Port Huron YMCA Leprechaun Loop 5K, Barry-Roubiax, Yankee Springs TT, and the kick off to my actual Mountain Bike season the Pontiac Lake TT!

See you all on the trail soon!!!

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jbhancock said...

December will be here before you know it!