Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still on form with first CX win!

I finally done it. After 3 years of racing cyclocross I finally took home 1st place in C-men under 39. And I did it in commanding fashion. This was race #7 in the Tailwind Series at Munson Park in Monroe, Mi. Munson is your typical roadie style CX course. Flat with long straight aways and only a huge sled hill in the middle that the course winds over several times. But today was different. Prior to the race, it had rained for about 48 hours straight and the forecast was to be below freezing, windy, and snow. Add that to an already water saturated course and you got a anyone can win CX race. But not today. I was ready for Munson it has eaten me up in the past 2 years. It is a spin to win course and coming from a mountain bike racing background, I am a natural masher (sorry mike). But with the help of JB Hancock's training tips, and my focus on the fundamentals, and a great finish at Iceman -- I WAS READY FOR MUNSON!!!

After 2 freezing cold warm up laps it was time to race. I would be racing my new Challenge Grifo clinchers and I am glad I made the choice to use them because they grip like no one's business! So the whistle blew and I jumped off the line and took the hole shot. I made it up the first climb and raced down the other side. Through the 1st set of barriers and back up the hill, down again and back up. This time I could finally see the pack behind me. Holy s**t! I had a huge gap, and I was feeling great. I turned the screws a little more and increased my lead. On the second and 3rd laps, I actually backed it off a little and decided to focus on a smooth race as the course conditions began to get slick. By the time I was coming through the final climb, down through the off camber down hill and back up the log run up, there was no one around. I raced back down the hill around the pond and coasted home with both arms in the air for the first time in a CX race!

So after a quick spin, I focused on staying warm, and lined back up in the B-class for the Single speed race. When the race started it began to snow and snow hard. It was almost a white out! The course was getting slick as hell and snow was caking up my tires, which made it difficult to climb the hills with a 34X16. As I pushed on, the snow was starting to stick to my shoes, then my legs, and finally soaking my skin suit. I was not having much fun now as I was getting really cold quick. I had to dismount and run a few of the hills at the end, and the bike and I were starting to get covered in mud from head to toe. Around the pond 1 more time and through the finish line for 2nd place. Not bad in a COLD days work!

As my training plan has progressed, I am in my peak/race weeks. And I can actually see the result of my efforts. With only 2 more races left, I hope my body can maintain form into the finally weeks. We will see...


jbhancock said...

Awesome job this weekend!

TP said...

You cheated SOB!

;) rock it biyytch!

Paynful said...

WooHoo!! Awesome race... or was it even a race, maybe for second! LOL!!

I will have my CX tires on at the next race!

Jason Melecosky said...

Way to go bud! Congrats!!!