Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grassroots CX, Ithaca Style!

Man what a great event! The Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross is now one of my favorite CX races in the state of Michigan. If you have never done this event -- do it next year. Brain Hancock has carved out a niche race in the middle of Michigan located in Woodland Park in Downtown Ithaca. What a great venue to hold a CX race. The course was tough and hilly, the prizes were great and the entire event had a really awesome underground / grassroots feel. Way to go Brain and everyone that helped out to make this event happen. It is already on my schedule for next year!

As for the racing, the TSB crew was out in full force! We had Benny, Todd, Nolan, me and Curt snapping way at pictures all day. Todd and I cleaned house in the Cash Primes for the hole shot. I lead out the C-class for the sprint across the line and pocketed $10.00. Todd, raced B-class and jumped off the line and beat all the B-class roadies to the line snatched up the $15.00 purse! This helped us fill up the tank and get. home.

The rest of my race went well, I held the lead for most of the first lap, but spent my legs a little from going after the prime. I was able to hang on to the leader after that, but half way through my second lap, my tires slipped out on a off camber down hill that lead to a steep up hill. With no momentum to pedal up the hill, I was forced to dismount and run. The leader saw me slip and pushed to create a gap - he did, and I spent hell trying to catch him for the rest of the race. When I slipped one other rider caught me, but I soon was able to put a gap back into him as I worked on reeling back the leader. We did 4 laps, and I could not catch back up. I finished with a respectable 2nd and a good lead in a field of 9. This was a training day for me, but of course it was a race so I felt I gave it my best effort.

As I mentioned above Nolan raced. But not the kids race. Yep, that's right he raced in C- Junior men 14 and under. This is his first USAC sanctioned race and he is only 6. What a trooper! He cleaned all the barriers, ran up the steps, ran through the sand, and pushed his bike up all the hill he could not climb all on his own. In addition, he was able to put in 2 laps in 30 mins.!!! WOW! And the high light for him and me was to see him get called up to stand on the podium in front of everyone with a huge round of applause! Way to go Nolan....

Then rest of the boys did well considering both Todd and Ben stepped up and raced in the B-class for the first time. An Extra 15 mins of pain. Todd, finished 9th and was hanging with the top 5 for about 3 laps. Benny was off to a good start and looked clam and consistent until he had his seat adjust itself to an uncomfortable position which forced him to the pits. But he jumped back in the game, caught a few folks that passed him and finished the entire race. Way to go guys.

And Curt. Curt did not race because of a nagging knee injury. But still decided to register and support the event. Curt's Registration paid off. He still won and set of Maxxis Raze tires and Jagwire Pro cables. Sweet and check out all the great pictures I now have from Curt and his new camera for my blog!

Well that's about it for now. Next week is a recovery week for me. So I hope the legs will be fresh for Stony, then I will go into my Build 2 the following week. I really think training is going well, so I will just keep plugging away!

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TP said...

Great nailed it. I just may have to get one of those skinny light weight bikes you guys pedal around on at these things.

Oh, by the way I killed your sprint! LOL!!! I scare you don't I?

Good job holding on for the 2nd spot!